By 1985 I had had my fill of the squares. The decision making process was too cumbersome. I wanted something simpler and more direct. I started making marks and seeing what would develop. This process has evolved slowly and continues into my current work. I was committed to paintings that had no preconceived subject matter. There was purity to that. But there was still a battle with figuration. Images would emerge during the painting process, requiring a decision as to whether to preserve these or let them become buried in an allover. I wrestled with this issue for many years. I used to make the slow voyage on the Bluenose, a cruise ship which ferried passengers between Bar Harbor Maine and Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. The trip helped me clear my mind and I would contemplate this figuration vs. allover battle. Unfortunately, the Bluenose has been replaced by a high speed ferry which transports tourists quickly, but does not serve my creative purposes.