In 1980 I must have become nostalgic for my urban roots as I began painting cityscapes, excited by elements of photorealism. I started in Maine with Ellsworth and Bangor and continued with any town or city that offered interesting reflections in storefront windows. My favorite was New York where I would visit my brother, Peter. Unfortunately I did not visit my sister Sophie and her husband Bob Gordon during this period, hence no paintings of my hometown, Chicago. I did make use of Lowell, Lawrence, Worcester, Boston, Santo Domingo, Montreal and other cities. One of these reflection paintings belongs to my dentist, Jim Sparaga in Machias, Maine. I overheard him tell a client (while he was drilling on me) that the artist had painted it in the Caribbean. It actually was based on a reflection with a potted palm in a real estate office window in New Bedford. But I couldn't say anything.